Autolance is freelancing, automated.

With Autolance, you can do more working and less searching for work. Once you are apart of our network, we use machine learning to automatically find and place you with projects. Sit back, relax, and wait for work to come to you. Schedule an intro below and start the process to join the Autolance platform.

Automatically Source Jobs

Using machine learning, we automatically source jobs for you and match you to jobs that best fit your skills and experience.

Goodbye Interviews

Stop spendings hours each week interviewing for positions. Using machine learning and a highly selective vetting process, we eliminate the interview process.

Incredibly Simple

Autolance is extremely simple. Within a few clicks and inputs, you are added to the Autolance network. From there on, just keep an eye on your inbox for job matches!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other platforms?

Unlike the majority of our competition, all of our freelancers are pre-vetted. This limits the chances of a freelancer failing to complete a job. We also speak directly with every company who wants to be apart of the Autolance network. This helps us to reduce the likelihood of a scammer. Also, nearly every other company wastes countless hours interviewing and sourcing projects. We remove the interview process completely, saving precious time for both the hiring company and the freelancer.

What happens if I have an increased workload and cannot take on new work?

If you can't work for any reason, that is no problem at all. Simply go to your settings page and change your work status to "Unavailable". You will then be pulled out of the pool of available freelancers until you change your status back to "Active".

If there is no interviewing, how does the hiring process work?

We use our 5 stage vetting process to ensure that each freelancer is able to do the work that they say they can. Because of this, companies will have comfort knowing that the freelancers they are hiring are of the highest quality. The process is simple: A company fills out a job form with specific on the job they need completed. This form is entered into our machine learning algorithm that then delivers a set number of freelancers matched to that company. Whoever is selected by the company out of the matches given will receive an accept/deny request for that job. Once that job is accepted, the freelancer would then work out the specifics with the company and begin work immediately.

What industries do you currently serve?

We currently focus on the data science/analysis, web development and digital marketing industries. This includes (but is not limited to) freelancers/hirers in the fields of: SEO, Google/Amazon/Facebook PPC, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Dashboard Development, Statistical Analysis, Python, UI/UX Design, Javascript, WordPress, Graphic Design, IoT, Shopify, R, Web App Development, React, IOS/Swift, Android/Flutter, Social Media Marketing/Management, Content Writing, and Data Science. 

If there is a field that you currently freelance in or are hiring for that isn't listed, shoot us a message and we'll get back to you.